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Yolow is her name.

Why Avenger 150?

While hunting online 6 months before buying the bike, my criteria for the bike were;

1. under budget,

2. reasonable mileage(as I don’t wanna waste too much on petrol on long rides) and

3. a bike that would give me an average speed of at-least 60kmph on long rides with above 2 criteria.

I was upgrading from my scooter TVS Jupiter with which I went for my first long ride to Indrai Fort(Nashik 250km) last year, and that was when I knew I had to upgrade.  I needed something faster and more comfortable. Jupiter took more hours with less comfort.

My online hunt was on and I was looking in details the reviews of each bike that caught my eyes. Later while on hunt my eyes halted at a different breed of bike; a cruiser. When I saw it, I added one thing into the criteria; comfort. By the design of these breeds I could assumed it to be comfortable. So I immediately looked for its review on the Bajaj website. Most of the review mentioned good/great/amazing comfort in it and my heart now was inclined to these series of Bajaj bikes. I went through the specification of all the bike in the avenger series and looked for ‘the one’ that met or was close to the criteria that I had set. Easily, Avenger 150 won against all odds largely because of the mileage and cost-effectiveness.  Later I compared Avenger with many other bikes and also looked deep into the reviews of the bike. The flaws were very less. There was lot of time for me to decide. I waited for long time still researching. Then one day I looked at the bike and thought about its low profile; how that would be an advantage. I realized there would be 2 advantage of the low profile; safety and aerodynamics. Although aerodynamics depends upon lot of factors, the low profile is the one of them when compared to all the other bike in the market. Because of the low profile of the avenger you can dismount yourself from the bike out of dangerous situations easier compared to other bikes(I may be wrong). Due to all these factors, I couldn’t look at other bikes after that. The time came and the bike was mine, naming her ‘Yolow’ which is the hybrid of the slang yolo(you only live once) and low because of the low profile of the bike.

Bajaj Avenger 150

Odometer speedometer

Bajaj Avenger

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