Mandakini aka Mandagni mountain trek | Ganeshpuri | Vajreshwari

Mandagni Mountain: 
Altitude: 543m (1781ft)Location:  Naveenpada,
Near Ganeshpuri,

It might be surprising for many, especially avid trekkers that such mountain in one of the most popular place haven’t been visited much. The people who often visit this place are usually locals and religious people especially the devotees of the lord Parshuram who lived at the base of this mountain and was said to roam on the mountain.(Myth | Source:  )

How to get there? 
                         Well, there might be two ways to get there. The path I chose was from Ganeshpuri and Naveenpada. I am not sure but there might be another way from Lohape village on the east. So first you have to get to Ganeshpuri and take a left which will take you to the bridge over the Tansa river and then head towards Naveenpada. Ask the locals for direction towards Naveenpada. Once you reach Naveenpada, if it’s rainy season you might not be able to go any further due to marshy land if you are coming with a bike. But you can go further about a kilometer if its dry. Then you have to walk through the trail towards the mountain and take a right where you will clearly see a trail to the top. If you don’t see a trail to the top you have taken a wrong right turn. If you find any local ask them for directions. Once you find the trail, you won’t need a guide anymore. The initial trail to the top is a steep section with hairpin bends. It is the only tough section of the trek. Once you have climbed it you will get a stunning landscape view of Ganeshpuri, Vajreshwari and Tansa river.
Part 2 of the trek is a long walk towards the summit. The long hike is through the forest occasionally giving the scenic view of the amazing mountain. You are actually making a long U-turn towards the summit in the direction of North to South. You will come across countless streams through the hike. Then finally you will have to climb again but this time not too much until you see the summit. From the summit you will be able to see the Lohape lake and will have a great landscape for your camera to capture.

                       If you are going in monsoon you will have streams to refresh but in other season there might not be streams and the trek might get very tiring. So, it is advised as always that you must carry at least 2 liters of water and carb rich food. Also, the initial steep section I talked about might get more slippery without grass in late winter and summer season. You will have to be extra cautious. Also first aid kit is a must, as if you encounter any emergency situation near the summit it’s a long hike and steep descend which might take a long time. 

Let me guide you through my experiences through the pictures:

Mandakini aka Mandagni mountain
Naveenpada: The base village
A picture taken from the steep section.
Mandakini aka Mandagni mountain
Picture taken just before completing the steep section
View gets amazing as you get on top
The summit of Mandakini visible from the point where you begin the long hike towards it.
Mandakini aka Mandagni mountain
Mandakini aka Mandagni mountain
Mandakini aka Mandagni mountain
Mandakini aka Mandagni mountain
The picture is taken from the east face.
About to reach near the summit, I took the pic of the dancing clouds between the Mandagni and other hill in the south.
Neighboring hills posing a great view.
Lohape Lake
Lohape Lake
Lohape lake
Lohape Lake on the east side of the mountain
Mandakini aka Mandagni mountain
The Mandakin aka Mandagni summit
Tansa river
Amazing landscape captured while returning home. This is the initial steep section after you make it.
Tansa river from Mandakini aka Mandagni mountain
The landscape I was talking about. The Arabian sea might have been visible if there were not clouds.
Leaving home with good memories.

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