Adsule Pinnacle trek | The riskiest trek I have done so far

[I do not condone solo trekking. It’s highly risky. I recommend
  you to go with at-least 4 co-trekkers and first aid kit is a must.]

Adsul pinnacle is opposite to Asherigad in Khadkawane, Palghar District. It is clearly visible sharp ridged pinnacle on the Mumbai Ahmedabad national highway. The first time I saw this pinnacle I never thought about climbing it but I fell in love with it because of its formation. I didn’t even knew it had a name.

Adsul Pinnacle
Adsul Pinnacle or Adsule

The first time I visited that place was actually to climb the Asherigad which was one of the easiest trek in Palghar district. After doing the Asherigad I was obsessed with Adsule. I researched the place and got to know from one of my friends that its name was Adsule pinnacle also known as Adsule and it wasn’t that easy to climb but possible without ropes and climbing equipment. I decided then and there that I had to climb this hill. I decided to climb with a friend who was new to trekking. The first attempt was on 1st Feb 2016 and it turned to be deadly as we were on the wrong side of the climb, we didn’t make it to the peak and the descending was really messed up as we missed the path from where we climbed. It took us hours to find our way out. So I decided to attempt it again in monsoon going through the right path which was from the northern face of the pinnacle. I thought of going with the friend who gave me the name of the pinnacle as he climbed it before. His name, Aditya Nandalan, an avid trekker. The plan was to go on one of the days during monsoon. But then we realized that it wasn’t feasible as the weather could turn the trek deadly and also my friend wasn’t available for trek on Fridays which was my trekking and filming day. So I decided to wait till the end of monsoon to climb Adsule. I went to Gambhirgad in September and while returning after the trek I scouted the place of Adsul pinnacle to find if there were any trails. Apparently there were none, also confirmed by Aditya. So one had to find their own way to the top. So I decided the starting point of the trek to be a obscure trail opposite to the Asherigad and then making my way to the left of the pinnacle where there was trail near the top plateau.
It was finally October and the monsoon ended so I had to hurry before the land become barren and loose with scree. I couldn’t wait for anybody so I decided to do this trek alone. I didn’t knew what to expect but I made up my mind to not take any unnecessary risks. I parked my scooter in a safe obscure location away from the National highway. Started the trek through the quiet forest hoping that there wouldn’t be any wild animal threats. I kept left to the face of the hill in search of the right trail to the top. There were no trail initially through the forest so I had to move through the grass carefully staying on track toward the northern face of the hill. After a while I reached a plateau from where I found a trail formed by the stream and expected it to take me to the right path and it did. Then I reached the base of the climb on the plateau from where I had to find a right trail. There was one clear trail on the left of the hill but it wasn’t the right path. I missed the actual trail which was obscured by long grasses. I ended up behind the hill that is the eastern face of Adsul. From there I had to do some climb through long grasses and move to the right to find the right trail. After some uncomfortable situation I found the trail and taking a sigh of relief I trekked higher. I could clearly see the western face of Adsul and was happy. After easy trek through the trail I reached the first difficult section and the trail ended there. It was a rock which wasn’t too high or too low. There was tree for the support and I climbed easily. I couldn’t see any trail. It was all long grasses and I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy. It was the first time negative thoughts about the trek creeped in.

View of Asherigad from Adsul
The tree in the pic is the one I mentioned.
It was the start of the risker part of trek.

Further it was going to be more risky. I wasn’t sure that I could complete this trek. But I said to myself that patience will triumph. And I had time. I always set my deadline to return and it was 4pm so there was plenty of time. I moved on making my way through the grasses and also marking my path because it was getting steep and there were no second path to get down. Missing the actual path can put oneself in great trouble in such a confusing landmass.

I reached the first rock climbing section. There were holes dug on it for climbing but still it wasn’t that easy to climb. It was risky but with patience as my most important tool I climbed it without any trouble. Moving on again through the grass I reached harder and more riskier section. This section was on the edge of the cliff and I had to turn through the cliff. Again with patience and calm I made it. It was to be the second last tough and risky section. I was getting close. I didn’t realise until I moved up a rock which had obscured the view of the peak. I was jubilant that I made it solo but the trek wouldn’t be complete without getting to the top. So I moved towards the large rock formed from lava millions of year ago. I scouted if there was any path to the top and on the eastern face I saw a steel ladder towards the top.
I decided to take a break and rest for a while in the shadow watching the beautiful view of the highway, the Asherigad and the hill-locks behind Adsul. It was a spectacular view. Had a peaceful moment for a while, just nature and NatureGuy together, having a great time, contemplating what life is.

Enjoying the view and contemplating what life is.

It was time to hustle and get the last climb done. The weather wasn’t too brutal but it was afternoon and heat was only going to rise. I thought it to be easy climb after the ladder but it was actually a risky climb after the ladder section. Again patiently taking every step with calm I made it to the top. I felt great looking down. It felt unreal that I did it solo. For me, it felt like an achievement. It might not have been too tough but it was certainly risky. On the top, the land surface was very less and on all the sides it was cliff and a silly mistake could easily lead to death. I took many picture and decided to descend soon as I was aware that descending was more riskier and tougher. So I need to descend as soon as possible so that I have enough time before sunset to get of any undesirable situation if encountered.
The descend was long and careful and I was craving for water and food. Finally I was at the base with my scooter, very tired and wanting to get home as soon as possible. I had a last look at this beautiful pinnacle and I knew that I was never gonna forget this trek. It was a proud moment for me as looking at the pinnacle from the base it certainly felt like a brave attempt to do it solo. This trek gave me confidence to venture into more such obscure treks.

“Mountains will challenge you, test you, cause fear within you
but will always leave you with unforgettable experience”.
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