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Gumtara fort is located in Thane district at the south east border of Palghar district near a village named Dugad. It is also a part of Tungareshwar forest. The condition of the fort is dilapidated.


         I climbed the fort from East face. Dugad village being the base. Although there definitely must be other ways to the summit. Here is the location: Gumtara fort location


There is a very small role of Gumtara fort in the history books. There was a battle at base of the fort; in Dugad village. (More history: fort).


Its a long hike up, so start the trek as early morning as possible. Carry plenty of water as this trek is not a piece of cake. Carry a chalk for marking path as while returning there is good chance of taking wrong path and wasting time.


It was a rainy day. I was shooting the first episode of season 4 and 17th episode of ‘Explore the obscure with NatureGuy’. Although it rained heavily when I reached at the base of the trek I was optimistic somehow that trek was gonna be great. The moment I reached the base I had to find an ideal spot for parking which has always been my biggest concern. But fortunately I always find people like Chandrakant (in picture below), kind and always happy to help. Rain later subsided and it was a long hike through the thick forest towards the top.

Gumtara Fort base

Base of Gumtara fort

Gumtara fort trek

           Came across a short waterfall which you will be able to see in the youtube video above. After enjoying the waterfall your climb will get steeper. Following the steep climb you will end up on a small plateau which you will mistake for the summit of Gumtara fort. By now you will be a bit tired especially if you are carrying a backpack. But don’t give up. You now have to hike across the opposite face of the mountain(west face) to eventually reach the top. There is a riskier/short path to the top but I won’t recommend that(Check the video for that path). Below are the pictures taken after I reached the plateau. Gumtara fort

Gumtara FortThe above picture shows the west wall of Gumtara hill. You will be able to get awesome pictures of Tungareshwar from this side and there are few caves for cover from rain and sun.

Gumtara fortAfter walking across the west face you will then have to climb up through a gap between rocks to witness the final stretch of uphill trail. Hiking through it, you will come across the first signs of Gumtara fortification. Pictures below shows ruins of the fortification.

Gumtara Fort Gumtara Fort Gumtara fort Gumtara Fort Gumtara FortGumtara Fort Gumtara Fort Gumtara Fort Gumtara Fort Gumtara fort

The main gate of the Gumtara fort.

 Cistern at Gumtara fort Gumtara fort Cistern at Gumtara fortThe first cistern you come across is besides a cliff from which you will get a stunning view of the surrounding hills, Usgaon lake and Tungareshwar forest.

Gumtara fort summit Gumtara fort summitFurther hiking through the trail you will be relieved to find the summit. The entire view is mesmerizing and all the hard climbing you had to endure will feel worth it once you reach the top.

Breath in the pristine air and enjoy the wind cooling down your warm sweat. I wouldn’t recommend this trek for the first timers. You need to have a little bit of endurance to complete this trek.

Indian kite at Gumtara fort summit Gumtara-fort-summit-top-peak Gumtara-fort-summit-top-peak Gumtara-fort-summit-top-peak

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