60 year young solo traveler – Neelam Verma

Neelam Verma

                                 We met the energetic 60 year young Neelam Verma just before we were about to leave the beautiful Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh. It would have been a biggest miss of our trip if we didn’t visit her store. Malaya, is what she named her souvenir shop-cum-Café when she moved from Ahmadabad to settle in Bandhavgarh near the famous Tala gate entrance to the wild life reserve. If you are to visit Bandhavgarh, make sure you visit this awesome place and take home a beautiful souvenir which has made way from all over India.

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Neelam Verma, is a great inspiration for the people of all age groups. At 60, her zest for exploration is still alive. She has kept aside 3 months to travel alone around India in her Tata Sumo and collect artifacts that are on the verge of being extinct.

Neelam Verma in her Tata Sumo BandhavgarhPicture Credit: (The Week )

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Her ambition : Her ambition is to collect crafts of tribal and rural India and give them international value.  She travels around India and try to buy most of the crafts from rural India.

Our only regret was we didn’t meet her earlier. We were short on time and Ms. Neelam had stories behind each and every craft in her store. We hurried to buy a souvenir and left Bandhavgarh with sweet memories and inspiring stories.

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    I’ve just met her yesterday. She’s such an amazing person and definitely a great inspiration! Same as above, even my regret us that we didn’t have much time to be at her store. Wish I could listen and feel the story behind each and every article. Definitely though. I’m going to visit her again.

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