Mahuli Fort Trek

Mahuli fort

Mahuli Fort  [Altitude: 2815ft
Mahuli Village
Taluka Shahapur
Nearest railway station: Asangaon
Nearest hospital: Shahapur (8km from the base of Mahuli)
Distance from Virar: 60km
Distance from North Mumbai (Fountain Hotel): 70km
A short-cut to save time
                              When you enter into the forest towards Mahuli through the visible trail, there are 2 ways initially. One takes you to the waterfall which is in the left and going straight will take you to the trail towards the fort which is easily recognized by a small bridge. But there is no sign which indicates that. Whereas there is the sign for the path towards waterfall. It was my first time so I presumed that there was only one path for waterfall and fort. I went towards the waterfall and then followed a trail which took me to a stream. I got to the opposite side of the stream expecting trail to be there. But it wasn’t to be. I was frustrated thinking that the main trail towards the fort was the bridge and I didn’t want to return back so I looked at the steep grassy hill and assumed it will take me to the trail. I climbed the grassy and slippery steep hill. I couldn’t hold a position for too long as I would slipped as soon I did that. I slipped 3 times and the third time was the longest slip which horrified me for a second. So then I decided to climb it non stop. At a point I got to hold on to few rocks which wasn’t slippery and I checked the map. It indicated that I was close to the trail. It raised my spirits, I took an amazing picture at that place and moved on. I finally reached the trail. Guess what I found out while returning home in the evening through that trail? The trail was actually the long route. The steep section from where I came was the short path which could save a lot of time. If you are going to Mahuli and want to spend longer time on the top choose this short route. It will save you time. There are lots of twists and turns in the actual path which makes it longer. Here is the map below of my path:
Mahuli fort shortcut map
Short-cut to the Mahuli fort
Here are all the pics from my Mahuli fort trek July 2017:


Mahuli fort entrance
Mahuli fort waterfall

NatureGuy Mahuli fort

Mahuli fort NatureGuy
Mahuli fort

Mahuli fort
Mahuli fort Palasgad
Mahuli fort
Mahuli fort
Mahuli fort
Mahuli fort
Mahuli fort
Mahuli fort
Mahuli fort top
Shivaji Statue Mahuli fort
Small statue of Shivaji Maharaj near Mahadarvaza
Shivaji statue

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