Gambhirgad Trek

Gambhirgad Dahanu

Location: Patilpada,
How to reach Gambhirgad?
               I highly recommend you to bring your own vehicle or arrange a vehicle like Tata Magic if you are in group so that the transport charges is divided because the are is very remote and obscure and transport facilities here is very poor. Also in case of emergency you definitely don’t wanna wait for vehicle for hours. On the National Highway if you are coming from south that is from Mumbai side you will have to take a right turn at charoti junction, after about 2km in Kasa there is a left turn near a bus stop, confirm the left turn by asking the locals for the route to saiwan(saiwan is the well known town nearest to Gambhirgad). After taking left its 20km beautiful, obscure and magical road to Gambhirgad. You will enjoy this only on 2 wheeler(watch the video). If its not cloudy(monsoon) the hillock would be clearly visible. See the images below to recognise easily. When you reach Saiwan, you must not forget to buy water or any eateries from here as it is the last stop after which you will not find a single shop. After Saiwan its only about 3-4km from there. You will reach the start of the downhill before which there will be a warning sign of leopard which exactly is the starting point of the trek. I bet you will never forget this trek. Highly recommend you all to visit here in bike as the view is super stunning.       
Gambhirgad Fort

Gambhir in Marathi means ‘serious’. So, Gambhirgad and its environment is according to its name quite ‘serious’. (Refer:

                             I was very excited to visit this place in early September. Finally I decided to trek it. It was the longest from my home and the most obscure as well after the treks I did nearby my home in the radius of 50km. The previous one was Kohoj fort.

My first attempt: My first attempt here was a failure. But, I wasn’t upset instead was very optimistic and looking forward to completing the trek. Because experience taught me that if my attempt is a failure then it must be a special trek. My first attempt at Tandulwadi was a failure but it turned out to be the best at the second attempt. Don’t get me wrong, the trek was easy, the reason I failed to climb that day was because of circumstances. In case of Tandulwadi, my first attempt was failure because of the poor transportation system to the destination, while in case of Gambhirgad it was heavy rain.

                     I was the lucky one that day. Karvi a flower that grows only in Sahyadris in the whole world and it had bloomed after 8 years. One have to wait another 8 years to see it bloom. The place welcomed NatureGuy with the awesome weather. It rained as soon as I started the trek. But after that brief rain it was easy hike to the top. Finding way wasn’t at all hard as there were very less patches of thick forest to cover the mountain from visibility. As soon as you reach the top you will see a large cave. Most the people use it to relax and also shelter from the rain. But you shouldn’t stop there. Remember there is lot to explore. Now walk towards the right till the end of the rock formation to explore the place behind which is the real deal. One can only imagine how these humongous rocks were formed in such shapes. Further there is lot to explore and film;

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