The last generation with Adivasi lifestyle.

                      I hope the video was informative and you enjoyed it. I know these Adivasi couple for 4 years. I used to come to this place for photography of peacock. While in quest to find the peacock, I came across them. They were very hospitable and helpful. They helped me out locating the bird. Since then I visited the place every year for peacock and met them while doing so. The trust and friendship grew since this years and then finally I decided to make the video on them. I was very curious and concerned too that how they lived their life in this current fast and brutal information age. But after communication and connecting with them their life reflected peacefulness and as always with everyone a little worry of the future. The couple lived together peacefully and happily unlike many others like them in their community.
                     Anant Morge and Baima Morge lived peacefully together in the midst of the small isolated forest in the outskirts of Vaitarna in Palghar, Maharashtra. Anant Morge used to be a driver and retired when he met with an accident. Anant Morge is not like the typical men in their community and village. He does not have any kind of chewing, smoking or drinking habits.

Full disclosure:  Anant Morge and Baima Morge were the subject of my video and so I promised that I would give them Rs.500 for their great contribution to the video.

It was a lucky day for filming. Perfect conditions with clouds and partial overcast. While filming, there was brief rain which was gold for the video. Their lifestyle was a learning experience for me. They have an inbuilt quality of being very hospitable and generous. They are hardworking and caring.

It was clear to me after spending the day with them that their year depended on monsoon. Monsoon shapes their year. For them monsoon is more valuable than money.

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