Empowered women should be offended by women’s day

If you think about it, women’s day actually emits the message that women are weak, that they are some sort of underprivileged being who need a day in a year to be appreciated by who are not women (men) and the rest of the year they can live under the shadow of men. Needing to celebrate women’s day is the best example of our poor education system because if everyone got ‘proper’ education, men and women won’t celebrate women’s day and women would be offended by Women’s day.

So what should have been the day named?
                  The day actually should have been named Women’s education day to highlight the importance of education of women so they live a life of ‘in-dependence’ and freedom. Due to lack of proper education of women in our society, at a certain age they think it is important for them to get married and live under the shadow of men. ‘Proper’ education of women as well as men is the only thing that can empower the women.
                  The best example of an empowered woman is a ‘properly’ educated woman.  The reason for stressing the word properly is that there are women who are well educated but are dependent and still live under the shadow of obsolete tradition.  When a person is properly educated, for that person the difference between men and women diminishes. Knowledge is power. You can break any barriers with that power. So celebrate and encourage knowledge and education among women. If a woman is deprived of knowledge/education she is underprivileged and women’s day makes sense for such women but it doesn’t make any sense for women who are not deprived of it.

Here are the list of REFORM that is needed in our education system:
+ Initial stages of education should stress more on social behaviour and discipline building
+ Schools should be accredited according to the number of students in a class; School with less than or equal to 30 students should be accredited A+. School with more than 30 students should be graded lower gradually according to the size.
+ There should be privileges to economically backward parents’ student rather than based on their caste.
+ Students shouldn’t be made aware of caste system.

+ Students should be divided according to their talent rather than their marks.
+ Studies should be more practical.
+ Teacher’s training course(TTC) must be compulsory for applying to be a teacher.
+ School should recognize the above average talent in the particular field and do the necessary for the progress of the student.        
Many more      

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