Kohoj Fort Trek | Palghar, Maharashtra

How to reach Kohoj Fort?
                                       If you are coming from Mumbai, you will be traversing to the north till Manor on the National Highway after which you will take a right turn in Wada direction. After that its just 10kms from there and you just have to wait till the toll point appears. The obscure starting trail is just under a kilometer from toll point.(Watch the video below for starting point on the highway to the trail) After you have figured out the starting point its a tricky way to get to have the clear view of the fort. You will have to ask the locals or use google maps. Once you reach the lake. Its easy way from there to the foot of the climb. After reaching the foot of the climb its another tricky way to a plateau after which is trek up. All I can say is keep left. You will finally get the single trail to the top. Its easy trek after that. It goes through a creepy thick forest. Great for filmmaking. There is a lot to explore at the top. There are many cisterns at the top.

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