The Day I learned to hate ‘PROCRASTINATION’.

                        Regret is painful. But regret caused due to procrastination is torture especially when you have to do nothing for weeks because the doctor said so.
                        “Why didn’t you do it?
                         Why did you delay it?
                         Why were you waiting for the right time?”
These were the questions I asked myself while lying on the bed one pleasant afternoon after hospital visit, looking outside the window, watching the clouds pass from the south west to the north east. Clouds symbolized ‘time’ for me at that moment. Time passed like each cloud, not waiting for anybody. Time passes slowly when you do nothing. It is a torture. But looking back you would think time passed quickly, that’s because nobody can remember the time that you did nothing. Time has to be filled with some memories. Take for example time to be a water bottle. Fill nothing in it and it can be squeezed to be thrown into the thrash. But a full bottle cannot be squeezed. The full bottle has some value. Similarly time filled with action/memory has a lot of value. 
                        Watching the monsoon clouds were agonizing because my favorite time of the year was about to start and I couldn’t do things that would put strain on my finger. Which means I had to do nothing (cycling, running, trekking etc.) except go to work.
                        So what happened to my finger? I was at work testing 20 liter jar for perfect temperature setting. The product was supposed to come perfect but it was off-center. The preform used to nod when mounted in the dye which I thought was the reason for the imperfection. So I put my finger on the preform. The dye closed and I removed my finger but the nozzle drop speed was faster than my hand removal and the tough aluminum nozzle ripped my nails and exposed my bones. Usually God’s always with me but no God nor universe can help in your stupid moments. I knew the nozzle drop speed is fast but still I was brain dead for that one moment.
Thank God that it didn’t take my bone. Frankly it wasn’t painful. Just felt a shock at the moment, blood on the floor and little nauseous which I could control. The pain was after the stitches which were nothing compared to the pain due to regret and the thought that I had to do nothing for few weeks.
                                        ‘Life’s lessons’
                        May be the God or the universe wanted to teach me a lesson, a lesson of time and its value. I sure have learned that lesson. Time is the biggest wealth.
                        “The best time is NOW”.
                        “Don’t do it tomorrow, do it today”.
                        “Don’t wait for the rain to stop, embrace the rain and just do it”.
                        “Don’t wait for the clear road, make your own path”.
And most important of all,
                                         “Do not procrastinate”.
                            “Time is precious, even more than money”.
“A thing that is common between a wealthy person and the poor person is that they both have time. A wealthy man can become poor by wasting time and poor man can become wealthy by making the most of the time has got”.

               ‘Change your life, start hating procrastination’.

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