Trekking Takmak fort solo

Takmak Trek

Best time to be here : Monsoon (July – August)

Location : Google location

Altitude : Just below 2000ft

How to get to Takmak fort? : 1. Get to Virar(East) via local train in Mumbai.
                                                 2. From Virar(East) catch a VVMT bus to Virar                                                        phata (National highway)
                                                 3. From Virar phata catch a tata magic to                                                      Sakawar.

Most essential things for the trek

1. Atleast 2litre water                                   2. A good pair of trekking shoes :





Here are some pics of my adventure :

From the Sakawar highway junction to the gate where the trek starts is a bit a walk of about 1km with eye blessing views of the farm and nature. The walk is worth it. Do not miss to take shots of the place.

Here is the video of the part 1: 


There are some outstanding views while you walk through after the gate :

Actually here after is the point where I missed a trail and I got lost. You have to be very careful and observant while you go.

When I found out that I was lost I just followed a stream but didn’t end up anywhere. After a brief search by following the direction of the mountain I found the trail which was easy way towards the top of the mountain with arrows showing the directions to the top.
Then as the heat and humidity was too much I rested and had some lunch in between.

 After that I kept walking and I had an encounter with a snake.

Almost reached the top but wasn’t actually the top.
Watch the part 2 of the video ‘Finding the way and getting to the top’ here :

View from the top :

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