Value of time

Value of Time

                      Sudhir, a professional photographer, was all strapped up and ready for the once in a year auspicious occasion that was about to be held in a small village named Tandulwadi in Maharashtra. Like him there were other photographers who wanted to be the rare ones who could get to click the awe-inspiring moment.
                      In the village there is a God named Rudupaksha which is worshiped every year by petting pigeons with love and care for 3 weeks and finally letting it free at the time when the sun is half set from the plain farmland. It happens in July every year as the farmer welcomes the rain and it’s the way to impress their pigeon God (believed to have the face of the pigeon and body of human) for rain and prosperity. This ritual is endemic to only this small obscure village in Maharashtra but lately last year it got famous as its first pictures went viral in social media. 

So this year many photographers and journalists were ready to make the most of this opportunity. Unfortunately due to the geographical location of the village there was only one mode of transport to get there and it was passenger train. There were many photographers socializing and getting to know each other on the platform waiting for the train to arrive as Sudhir strolled on the platform, patiently waiting for the train.  Suddenly, to their  despair the announcement was made that the train was about half an hour late which would mean they would reach the place at the time when the event would be about to start, half an hour before or so. As soon as the announcement was made an express train arrived on the opposite platform. No sooner Sudhir saw that train he ran to the ticket counter and took the ticket for that train which was triple the rate of the passenger train than he and other photographers were going to travel through and then got on to that train without bothering the extra money that he lost. While, on the other hand the other photographers didn’t care to board that train as they didn’t want to spend more because they thought they would get there just on time for the occasion. Sudhir, sitting on the seat of the cozy empty train, regretted the decision wasting lot of money on the ticket at the same time staying positive thinking it would be worth it. And also the bonus for him was that he would reach even faster as the mail train had limited halts than the passenger train. 

                         He reached the remote obscure place on time. Now he had to find the place where the occasion was about to commence. He was alone on the station and he had to find somebody who could guide the way towards the place. Finally after searching he found a couple who were going the same place. He followed them and reached the beautiful place which brought smile to his face. No sooner he reached there he asked a farmer the exact place where the occasion was to be held. After knowing the place he looked for the best place where he could get the best shot of the event. After many observations he got the perfect location which was the terrace of small house of the farmer. He negotiated with the farmer and the farmer gave him a warm welcome with a cup of tea. He got all his tripod and equipment ready in the place on the terrace and having enough time he decided to get some knowledge about the occasion from the farmer. Leaving behind tripod and equipment on the terrace he left out to take some picture of the pigeon which were made ready beautifully before being set free. He went to every farmer’s home who followed the tradition and took snaps in every possible way. To his awe mostly every pigeon were of different color or type. After enquiry he got to know that every farmer pays a lot to get different and beautiful pigeons every year. And around 57 farmers participated in this tradition this year. By the time he took pictures of almost all the pigeons it was about time to the occasion. 

Shortly, the passenger train arrived and the area was flooded with people. Sudhir went to his place on the terrace and was ready to capture some awe striking view. The occasion was about to start in 5 minutes. The photographers and journalist were scraping to get ready with the equipment and then to find the best view for the picture while Sudhir here just had to click the button for the pic. The sun was beautifully half set and the pigeons were set free and all one could hear were the sound of clicks and the prayers of the farmers. The beautiful views were capture by many but it might not as quite well be as good as those captured by Sudhir as the place from where he took the picture was excellent from the photographers point of view. Farmers then danced throwing colorful rangoli in the air, which was also good for capture.

                  The quick decisions that Sudhir made for the time and against the money, made him fortune as his photography earned him more money than any other because of the quality and quantity of the content he shot.
                 Value of time can certainly be quantified from Sudhir’s story.   
(*please let me know if there is any error, I would appreciate it.)

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