No Religion, Know Life.

‘What goes around comes around.’

‘For every action, there is always an equal and opposite reaction.’
                          Most people in the world, whatever kind, religious or atheist, rich or poor, everybody believes in this circular karma. If there is any person who doesn’t believe in it might not be an experienced enough or who doesn’t use the brain.
                          I myself am not religious but believe in God or I call it an energy in the universe that controls the future based on the present. I believe the there is just a single energy or call it God which controls the universe and all the creatures in the world. And that it has certain laws which if not obeyed gets directed towards you in some form that makes you realize the law you have broken for which you may have to suffer according to the degree of err. I believe that every religion in the world is formed for the basis of these laws of the God or the energy, one of which is circular karma or what goes around comes around. Whatever else written in all the religion are man-made laws or tradition which was only there to distinguish their religion from other religion. There are various example of it which you see daily because you know by looking at a person which religion he or she belongs to by just seeing their distinguishing traits. Have you ever thought why haven’t two religions have same traits. The human’s bad habit of distinguishing themselves from the other resulted in the creation of very orthodox beliefs that it were followed by people year by year until it became too strong that it wasn’t allowed to be questioned. The inability of the human to use their brain above their limit have caused many of such beliefs to be followed and nurtured. They must have used some brains to realize that the person from other religion who has same two legs, two hands, two eyes and the same color of blood running down their body must have been manufactured by the same God who manufactured them.
                          You won’t believe that major murders and destruction in the world is done by humans and major cause is race and religion itself. Nearly six million Jews died because of the indirect culprit, race and religion. Take a look at all the highly intellectual people in the world, most of them are non religious. At the same time many of them do not admit it because they want no trouble. APJ Abdul Kalam was a highly intellectual personality and also a very secular man who was loved my every person in the nation. He never talked about religion but only prosperity. I believe he too didn’t believe in any religion but he didn’t want to admit it because he didn’t want to lose the love of the orthodox people around him. People who have proper knowledge and understanding know that religion is the human beings biggest mistake. Thank God people nowadays care less about the religion except those with super orthodox parents. Because parents is where its starts from. If parents are to religious the children blindly follow their parents. If parents gave the freedom of thought and beliefs I am sure no child would accept any religion. Another reason why religion still exist is because it has become business for most of the people. How can a person stop following a religion if his/her food depends on it. That’s also a major reason. But everything comes second to knowledge. Knowledge is power. KNOWLEDGE is the only thing which can break any pattern. That’s why many extremely religious people is afraid of knowledge resulting in child labor and eventually costing country’s development. In other words, religiousness is inversely proportional to the development. More religious you are less developed you are. Take for example Indian states; in the north east Indian states, the people are too religious and at the same time the state is underdeveloped and backward. States like U.P, Bihar, West Bengal etc are too religious and therefore underdeveloped. Also, sometimes people who are too religious are found to be those who have done a lot of sins.
                           If after reading this you are still too religious and orthodox you are living in a small world. You have a long way to go and you have to learn a lot in life.
                            “Believe in God, not the man-made religion.” 

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