6:30PM or 6:30AM ?

                                  It was the third year of my Mechanical Engineering degree which I think was the toughest year of all. There were tons of assignments and all of them piled up in the end because of procrastination and enigmatic subjects(That’s how I described those subjects). While me and my three room mate friends were writing the assignments night and day the time was still less and valuable. Social life and hygiene was a mess as all of the time were spent in completing assignments. Headache, lack of sleep was routine for about two to three weeks. We used to drink anything regardless of our health as what mattered at that time was just assignment completion and a full tummy. One or couple of cold drinks a day for those hectic weeks. 

                     I was very lucky that I had one of the best room mates. It was Arjun, Saurab, Vishnu and myself who shared the rented room. Arjun was in fourth year IT while Vishnu and Saurab were with me in Mechanical. We always didn’t have any idea for where we should have our dinner from. Restaurants were plenty but choosing one of them between 4 of us was always an argument and waste of time and also there were no dabba wala at the remote place we lived. Dinner time was a funny period.

                      After heavy long dinner we would have talk and enjoy the walk home with some post dinner sweet drinks or ice-cream. Then no sooner we reach home we would have pen in our hand and start the work; writing assignments till the eye-lid is about to close. Sometimes we would go on till 2am or more. The worst thing that happen during this period was writing the assignment which you have already written and one day a friend shows up and gives you that assignment as you completely forgot about.
                     I usually used to head home on weekends which was two and a half hour local train journey from our rented house in Panvel. But I didn’t that time because assignments were too much. I wrote the assignment the whole Saturday to Sunday noon after which I decided to give it a break and headed home in local train which was another hectic journey. I finally reached home around 6pm. Lack of sleep and hectic journey took a toll. My family were in village at that time, so I was alone. I was so tired that I threw the bag on sofa and went to bedroom and threw myself on bed diagonally without taking a shower. I told myself to sleep for half hour after which I had to shower and start writing the f***ing assignment again. And when I woke up I had no idea for how long I was asleep. I looked outside the window and was a bit confused and then I looked at the analogue clock, it was 6:30. As when I looked outside the window ‘many people’ were heading in the direction of railway station which usually happens in the morning. The sun wasn’t up to recognize whether it was morning or evening. I scratched my head and literally looked at my mobile to see whether it was 6:30 ‘pm’ or 6:30 ‘am’.  Which meant whether I slept for half an hour or 12 hour. I was curious while I was unlocking my slow hanging mobile phone.
                     I saw the time and smiled and said,
                         “what the f*ck I slept for 12hours”.

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