Article #1 – ‘Happiness’

Article #1           

                                        Everybody in this world is chasing happiness. All of the seven billion people living in this world is looking for one sole thing, that is happiness. Some are waiting for it while some are in it and many are even crying for it. So the most important thing in the world according to me is ‘happiness’ that is why I chose this as my first article.

                 Now there would be questions from many that how can ‘happiness’ be the most important thing. This is how I can prove it. Many must be stubborn that God is the most important think. But the fact is we pray to God for our own happiness. when you get upset you approach to God and our belief in the God changes our state of mind and we return home happier. Here our subconscious mind knows that visiting God is gonna make us happy. A man helps a stranger with his open heart not to gain something in reward from him but for his own happiness at the end of the day.People are always attracted towards happiness.All the creatures are in search of happiness in some or the other form.Happiness is what gives them the strength and yes indeed it does.Imagine if there are two stranger and you are said to live with any one of them.Here one stranger is looking very sad while the other is always smiling, you obviously will be attracted to the one smiling and looks happy.Because you know that living with happy people will always assure you happiness.People are looking for happiness everywhere they can. Infact, the reason people suicide is indirectly related to lack of happiness.

            A person works hard with little sleep just for the happiness he will receive at the aftermath. A person inflicts pain on himself immaturely because he believes that life will be happier after that. All or anything for happiness.   

            Happiness actually is the state of heart in which you feel free and at peace. ‘Happiness’, this simple word is the only thing which keeps you going and hence is the most important of all words in the dictionary for human life.

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