Lance Armstrong could have still won without doping but for ‘Patience’

           Lance Armstrong may be a fraud, a doper or a disgrace for cycling. But, we should not be all over him.

          We should remember that he is cancer survivor and that he loved the toughest sporting event. After recovering from cancer it is always difficult for a cyclist to recover. It’s like climbing Everest two times back to back. Someone other than him would have surrendered this toughest sport, but for him and his deepest love for cycling enabled him to do what he shouldn’t have done; doping. If he wouldn’t have taken drugs he would have depressed to death as he was a cocky individual with a great passion to always be No.1. But he took the wrong option of doping, he was desperate. ‘Patience is power’ is the Quote he should have pursued because he had a lot of time. He would have become tour de France champion still 7 times, but he should have waited with perseverance and passion other than desperately doping for quick results.
He still gave something to the society with live strong foundation, climbing and time-trial techniques (good teacher) and of course inspiration to the millions suffering from cancer.
 And the latter one was the most important of all. Many cancer patients got a lot of inspiration from him to live the life with passion in the most difficult conditions. We shouldn’t forget such contributions.

“A positive person always ignores the negative from a person and gravitates towards his positives.”  

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