‘The Anonymous’ 2012 Movie Trailer.

‘The Anonymous’ 2012 Movie Trailer is not officially a trailer of any movie but it is a clip
which is produced by Miles_Eccentric_Production to demonstrate how a movie trailer should be.


Balaji Shetiyar – (in the Shoot out scene at night.)
Suraj Prasad – (In the Starting scene in which he is made to run by the Maniac) 

Sudhir Bhamadapati -(In the scene of running over the hill the 2nd person)
 Mileesh Mukundan -(In the final scene) 

 Software Used              : Windows Movie Maker //// Adobe Photoshop

Length of the clip        : 1:46 Min

Size                               : 17.8mb

Frame Width*Height : 720*480
                                                   Credits Credits Credits
Posture editing                   : Balaji Shetiyar & Mileesh Mukundan               
Background Music from  : #1 Halloween Theme song.
                                            #2 The real adventures theme.
                                            #3 Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9 (Scherzo)  
                                                      ( Ludwig van Beethoven, composer. Seattle Symphony.     
                                                                      Gerard Schwarz, director)            

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