The Vasai Fort or The Bassain Fort

The Location       Vasai Gaon(7.8km from vasai station), Vasai road,Thane district, Maharashtra state,India.

The Name.   The present day name of Vasai originates from Sanskrit,Sanskrit word “waas” meaning dwelling or  residence.The name was changed to Basai by Muslims who occupied Vasai before the Portuguese. The Portuguese named it Baçaim. The Marathas renamed it Bajipur. The British named it Bassein and today it is called Vasai.

The Rulers:        Arab Sultanate of Khambat started building or renovating or expanding the fort in the early 1400s. The Portuguese seized the fort after the Khambat ceded it to the Portuguese by signing the Treaty of Saint Matthew.In the 18th century, the fort was attacked by the Maratha army under Peshwa Baji Rao‘s brother Chimaji Appa, and fell in 1739 after a three-year-long campaign. The English shortly after took over the territory from the Marathas as the price for supporting one faction of the Marathas against another.

Bastions :  10 BASTIONS (Below is the image of the fort map)

Current Condition : The Government has not taken full responsibility to take full care of this fort. There is no restrictions or watchmen or caretaker to take care of this fort. Everybody has the free entry this fort.The fort is often used for shooting Bollywood film scenes. The films shot here include Josh, Khamoshi, and Ram Gopal Verma’s Aag.   

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