Mumbai pune cycle race 2012 – Miles to go for No.50

22/4/2012 – The big Mumbai-pune cycle at last commences after a long postponing.

It should be a big day for Miles. Since Miles was waiting this date to come to ride his first ever, let’s say, professional race. He did many sacrifices in his student career for this day. Some would say weird or stupid sacrifices.

But this day never turned out the way he wanted it to. The day was filled with agony and pain right from the beginning. The day before the race he had to go to dadar 1hour through the train from his house to collect the number bib. Since he was alone as his parents went to village and since he trained alone he had to do all the things himself which is not good for an athlete preparing for the race. After doing all that he came home at 10 o clock and after bathing and eating he slept at 11hrs with an accomplice his friend Suraj who reached his home at 10:30hrs. They had to report at gate way of India at 5am. So they kept alarm at 3am which meant only 4hr sleep. Sleep was again shortened by anxiety. In the morning everything went perfect till reaching gate way of India.

But just before the race started his bike got a rare wheel puncture. He disgracefully hurried to do the new tube. He with a help of a friend named Deepak which he just met had done with replacing the tube and everybody else were watching them with a dumb look. It was not it, more was to come. The ride started and while riding through the neutral section of 20km one of his 2 bottles from the bike fell on the road, he preferred not to take it. Now the actual race started at chembur with the timer on. Now as he was riding he slowed down a bit during uphill and ended up losing the rear wheel of the peloton and for the worse the gear slipped to the easier gear making it difficult for him to catch up. It was very hard to chase down the peloton from then on. He tried then patiently to catch up but to his dismay and disgust his bike got a rear wheel puncture again. He then got swiped by the broom wagon.

His first race, and all that he got was tons of bad experience and misfortune. But next time he assured himself that he will come stronger with experience in his hand and with the hope that lady luck favors him next time.

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